Ramadan is coming soon and with it its typical gastronomy combining tradition and inspiration. For me, these are hours of preparations: Sellou, Chebakkiyas, Makrouts… Here is the “fake honey” which is used as a topping of Moroccan cakes. To tell the truth it is a thick syrup, a light caramel, but its not at all a honey,,,

moroccan honey


  • 1kg of sugar
  • 5 glasses of water
  • Half glass of orange blossom water
  • 1/2 yellow lemon
  • Optional: saffron pistils, cardamom.


Mixed all the ingredients and keep on low heat for 1 hour.
The syrup thickens and gives an amber color.
If its still liquid, leave it on fire, if thick, add a little water.
The cooking time also determines the intensity of the color.